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Symphony Air Cooler Sumo 75 XL DD Symphony Air Cooler Sumo 75 XL DD
-16 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Sumo 75 XL DD
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 75LUnique double decker design for wide area cooling with high level air throwMulti directional wheels for mobility Plus Air FanEasy-FillHigh efficiency honeycomb pads General FeaturesModel NameSumo 75 XL DDTypeDesertCooling MediaHoneycombWater Tank Capacity75 ..
MRP ₹25,999.00 ₹21,899.00
Ex Tax:₹21,899.00
Symphony Air Cooler Movicool L 125 Symphony Air Cooler Movicool L 125
-11 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Movicool L 125
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 125L LargeHigh efficiency honeycomb padLow power consumption - 215W onlyFully closable horizontal louversEasily removable and cleanable cooling padsPowerful 3 speed fan General FeaturesModel NameMovicool LTypeTowerCooling MediaHoneyCombWater Tank Capacity125 LR..
MRP ₹22,499.00 ₹19,999.00
Ex Tax:₹19,999.00
Symphony Air Cooler Storm 70 I Symphony Air Cooler Storm 70 I
-14 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Storm 70 I
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesDesert air cooler for rooms up to 30 m2Touchscreen control panelFull function remote with on/off timeri-Pure technology3-side honeycomb cooling padsPowerful blower with 7 speed optionsLarge 70L water-tank capacityAuto louver movement General FeaturesModel NameStorm 70 ITypeDe..
MRP ₹18,499.00 ₹15,999.00
Ex Tax:₹15,999.00
Symphony Air Cooler Touch 55 Symphony Air Cooler Touch 55
-10 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Touch 55
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesDesert cooler for rooms up to 30 m2(325 Sqft)4-side cooling padsCool Flow Dispenser for better coolingClosable louversLarge 55L water-tank capacityThis air cooler consumes 185 watts only General FeaturesModel NameTouch 55TypeDesertCooling Media4 side cooling padWater Tank Cap..
MRP ₹14,999.00 ₹13,499.00
Ex Tax:₹13,499.00
Symphony Air Cooler Diet 3D 55i+
-11 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Diet 3D 55i+
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 55L LargeAutomatic pop up touchscreen3-side honeycomb cooling padsMagnetic remotei-Pure technologyFull - function remoteAuto louver movement General FeaturesModel NameDiet 3D 55i+TypeTowerCooling MediaHoneycomb PadWater Tank Capacity55 LRemote SupportYesAir Thr..
MRP ₹13,599.00 ₹12,099.00
Ex Tax:₹12,099.00
Symphony Desert Air Cooler Jumbo 95XL+ Symphony Desert Air Cooler Jumbo 95XL+
-7 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Symphony Model: Jumbo 95XL+
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesCapacity 95 LitresHoneycomb Cooling PadsCool Flow DispenserCFD Technology for CoolingLarge Pad for Longer CoolingWhisper-quite PerformancePowerful FanIce ChamberWater Level Indicator General FeaturesModel NameJumbo 95 XL+TypeDesertCooling MediaHoneycomb Cooling PadsWater Tank..
MRP ₹11,999.00 ₹11,199.00
Ex Tax:₹11,199.00
Symphony Air Cooler Diet 3D 40I
-12 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Diet 3D 40I
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 40LPop-up touchscreenSuperior cooling with 3-side high efficiency honeycomb cooling padsClean air with i-pure technology having multistage filtersMagnetic remoteFull function remoteLow power consumption General FeaturesModel NameDiet 3D 40ITypeTowerCooling Medi..
MRP ₹12,499.00 ₹10,999.00
Ex Tax:₹10,999.00
Symphony Personal Air Cooler HiCool 45i Symphony Personal Air Cooler HiCool 45i
-21 %
Brand: Symphony Model: HiCool 45i
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesLarge 45L Water Tank CapacityRemote Control with TimerEmpty Water Tank AlarmCool Flow Dispenser for uniform coolingHigh efficiency honeycomb pad for superior cooling General FeaturesModel NameHiCool 45iTypePersonalCooling MediaHoneycomb Cooling PadsWater Tank Capacity45 LRemo..
MRP ₹12,499.00 ₹9,899.00
Ex Tax:₹9,899.00
Symphony Air Cooler Hicool 45T
-14 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Hicool 45T
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 45LDura-pump technologyPowerful air throw with auto swingHigh efficiency honeycomb padLarge water tank capacity (45L)Auto louver movement General FeaturesModel NameHicool 45TTypeTowerCooling MediaHoneycomb Cooling MediaWater Tank Capacity45 LRemote SupportNAAir..
MRP ₹10,999.00 ₹9,499.00
Ex Tax:₹9,499.00
Symphony Air Cooler Diet 35 T
-12 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Diet 35 T
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 35LPowerful air throwHigh efficiency honey comb padsAutomatic louversMulti directional wheelsLarge 35 ltr. tank capacityUse it outside, use it insideDelivers fresh,filtered cool air General FeaturesModel NameDiet 35TTypeTowerCooling MediaHoneycombWater Tank Cap..
MRP ₹10,299.00 ₹9,099.00
Ex Tax:₹9,099.00
Brand: Symphony Model: Diet 3D-20i
Key FeaturesKey FeaturesTank Capacity: 20LPop-up touchscreen3 side honeycomb colling padsMagnetic remotei-Pure technologyFull - function remoteLarge 20L water-tank capacityAuto louver movementCool flow dispenser General FeaturesModel NameDiet 3D-20iTypeTowerCooling Media3 side HoneycombWater Tank Ca..
MRP ₹8,999.00 ₹8,299.00
Ex Tax:₹8,299.00
Symphony Tower Air Cooler Hicool 31T Symphony Tower Air Cooler Hicool 31T
-10 %
Brand: Symphony Model: Hicool 31T
Key FeaturesKey Features31L Water Tank Capacityi-Pure TechnologyCool Flow Dispenser for uniform coolingHigh efficiency honeycomb pad for superior coolingAuto louver movement General FeaturesModel NameHiCool 31TTypeTowerCooling MediaHoneycomb Cooling PadsWater Tank Capacity31 LRemote SupportNAAir Thr..
MRP ₹8,999.00 ₹8,099.00
Ex Tax:₹8,099.00
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