When I moved to Bangalore on my new job,my mom had suggested me to buy a Microwave Oven among other things.You can reheat the food you cook or buy she had advised.She did not use one at home anyways. So she would not recommend the brand, size etc.,

I chose to walk in to HARSHA, the nearby store. I had noticed it on my way to office. The facade had drawn me to it. As I entered even the ambience and display impressed me. A smiling executive posed, how he could be of help. As I said oven he ushered me towards the elevator leading to the 3rd Level. The next 20 minutes were one of my best shopping experience about choice of brands to food habits to price. I came out of the showroom with a bag full of items from ovens to flask to plates & cups.

My mom will feel happy when I call her this evening !!